Cathy Salter

Cathy Salter is the author of “Notes From Boomerang Creek” (formerly “Notes From Breakfast Creek”)—a weekly newspaper column that has appeared in the Boone County Journal since 1993 and the Columbia Daily Tribune since 1997.  She authored an article for National Geographic Magazine entitled “Lewis and Clark’s Lost Missouri” which appeared in the April 2002 issue.  In 2008, she published her first book, Notes From Breakfast Creek:  A Look At The World--a collection of essays about life and landscapes viewed locally and from a distance.  In October 2015 she published her second book, Notes from Boomerang Creek.

Two non-fiction essays “Illuminating Caves of Other Languages” and “Entering the Blank Canvas” by Cathy Salter from her October 2015 book have been nominated by Yolanda Ciolli, Compass Flower Press/AKA Publishing, for the 2017 Pushcart Prize edition.

She currently writes, corresponds with other writers, gardens, paints, cooks and observes the world at Boomerang Creek--the country home in Southern Boone County, Missouri, she shares with her husband and editor Kit, their two cats, and a host of local birds and native wildlife.

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